Terms And Condition Of Enrollment At Pusat Tuisyen Pendidikan Cemerlang

As at 1st September 2020

These are the Rules and Regulations for Enrolment at Pusat Tuisyen Pendidikan Cemerlang(hereinafter referred to as “the School”.) This revised issue of the Rules and Regulations supersedes all previous issues in entirety and is subject to change without prior notice.

1 Enrollment
1.1 All enrollments are subject to the following Terms and Conditions, which become legally binding upon registration into the School.
1.2 The School reserves the right to withhold acceptance of an enrollment at its discretion, if such action is deemed to be in the best interest of the student or the School.
2 Registration Fee
2.1 A non-refundable registration fee is payable for the students after a placement assessment at the School. A month’s fee should be paid to lock in the child’s placement at the School upon registration. (and before the child starts classes). Tuition fees should be paid before the first week of class.
2.2 A non-refundable re-registration fee is payable for students who are inactive for more than 1 month.
3 Tuition Fees
3.1 Tuition fees are monthly and are billed on a monthly basis.
3.2 Tuition fees shall be paid before the commencement of the class.
3.3 Tuition fees are not deductible and non-refundable in the event where a student is absent from the class.
3.4 All students are to register for Plain English classes based on their English Proficiency. The classes will be assigned by the management. Those interested in registering for other tuition subjects (BM, Science, Maths etc) may do so as added classes to the Plain English subject.
3.5 Additional fees for School Holiday Program and supporting programs will be billed separately.
3.6 Payment of tuition fees for all existing and newly enrolled students must be made, at the latest, 7th of every month except for students who have enrolled later than this date.
3.7 An RM 3, Late Payment Charge will be imposed on all late payments dated after the 7th of every month.
3.8 If the fees or any part of the fees including the Late Payment Charge for any student have not been paid before the month ends, the Advance Payment will be used to cover any outstanding balance then the School reserves the right to terminate the student’s enrollment and offer the place to another.
3.9 School fees are payable in full every month and a student is considered enrolled until a written notice of withdrawal is received by the Administration Office.
3.10 The School reserves the right to increase the school fees at its discretion as it deems fit, from time to time during the student’s enrollment in the School. The Parent shall be given notification of any such increase, and the revised fees shall be payable effective from the date stipulated in the notification.
3.11 All bank charges involved in the electronic transfer of payments to the School’s bank account, including those receiving bank, shall be borne by the remitter.
3.12 In the event of some incident or event occurring within or affecting Malaysia such that the School is required by the relevant authorities of the Malaysia Government to close during the currency and/or aftermath of such incident or event, the School will not be obliged to refund all or any part of the fees or advance payment.
3.13 Where a child has been withdrawn from the School and applies for re-admission, no registration fee will be payable if the child is readmitted within 1 month from the date the child leaves the School. The tuition fee, deposit and other fees payable all at the then prevailing rate are required prior to re-admission. If readmission takes place after 1 month of withdrawal, it will be treated as a new application.
3.14 No fees are allowed to be pro-rated,except for new registration.
4 Programme Fees
4.1 All programme fees are to be paid in full before the start of the program.
4.2 Programme fees are not deductible and non-refundable in the event where a student is absent from the class.
4.3 Once the schedule is given, students are to follow the given dates/time as per schedule.
4.4 All programme fees are non-refundable once paid.
4.5 The management reserves the right to amend the schedule if deemed fit.
5 Maintenance Fees
5.1 A maintenance fee is payable per student on a monthly basis.
5.2 Maintenance fee is non refundable and non transferable.
5.3 A maintenance Fee is payable for each student every month. It covers the cost of general repairs to machines and general maintenance of the buildings and roads.
6 Advance Payment
6.1 There is an Advance Payment payable per student. Advance Payment is equivalent to the current month's tuition fees.
6.2 Should there be an increase in tuition fees; the Advance Payment must be topped-up to maintain its equivalent of one month’s tuition fees.
6.3 If the Advance Payment is not at its full amount in accordance with section above then the students concerned shall not be allowed to attend classes until the said amount is restored to its full amount regardless whether all other fees have been paid.
6.4 If the student is inactive for more than three months, his or her continued absence from the School is deemed as withdrawal, then the Advance Payment shall be forfeited to the School.
6.5 The Advance Payment is transferable to immediate family members only and payable in full upon registration
6.6 Advance Payment is strictly non-refundable.
6.7 In the event that a student withdraws from the School, he/she must use the Advance Payment within 3 months from the date of the Withdrawal, failure to do so, then the Advance Payment shall be forfeited to the School.
7 Mode of Payment-Cash
7.1 Cash payments MUST be made at the Administration Office during the office hours
8 Mode of Payment-Online, Bank Transfer
8.1 Payment of fees and deposits may be made by direct bank transfer or other online payment method, excluding credit/debit cards, and should be accompanied by proof of payment to the School’s account and must show the details of the transaction with either the student's FULL NAME and/or the relevant INVOICE NUMBER as space permits.
8.2 Any payment made online shall not be deemed to have been made until credited to the School’s account in full. Post-dated, delayed, incomplete and/or rejected payments made by direct bank transfer or other online payment method will be treated as payments due but unpaid and subject to the Late Payment Charge.
9 Discipline
9.1 The School reserves the right to take whatever necessary disciplinary action it deems appropriate against any student who breaches the disciplinary rules and regulations.
9.2 The School reserves the right to decide what acts are deemed to be breaches of the School Rules, to amend, add or delete offence , but such acts may include :-
  1. Smoking
  2. Bullying
  3. Tardiness
9.3 Students whose parents do not consent to any punishment for breach of the School Rules will be liable to termination of enrolment without compensation of refund of Advance Payment or tuition fees and the School’s decision shall be final and not subject to any appeal.
10 Illness or Injury
10.1 In the event that a student is unable to attend classes or programmes due to illness, injury, emergencies, unforeseen events, or changes in personal circumstances, the school shall not provide fee refunds or replacements for missed classes.
11 Parental Obligation
11.1 The School operates to a regular timetable, and it is a contractual obligation on the part of the Parent to ensure that the child attends all school days in a timely manner.
11.2 Parents must inform the school in writing of any potential or prolonged absence of the child.
12 Conduct of Students & Parents/ Guardians
12.1 In the interests of setting a good example to students, the School requests that parents, guardians, relatives and associates (associates also meaning friends, house staff, agents of the family, etc.) of students conduct themselves in a reasonable and courteous manner at all times when on School premises or on school sanctioned activities outside of school.
12.2 The School reserves the right to request parents, guardians, students’ relatives and/or associates to desist from any unruly or discourteous behaviour and leave School premises, or any external location of a School sanctioned activity, immediately, if it is found that they are not or have not acted in such a manner as described in sub-section above.
12.3 Parents, guardians or relatives of students whether outside or within the School premises are prohibited from engaging in any acts that are detrimental to the reputation of the School or affect to any degree the normal operations of the School.
12.4 The School reserves the right to deem what acts are detrimental to its reputation or affect its normal operations, but such acts may include :-
  1. Acting in a manner that may endanger the safety of students, staff and other persons within School premises.
  2. Causing nuisance of any sort that may disrupt the ordinary running and business of the School.
  3. Doing any business, distributing leaflets, fliers or material of any sort, soliciting signatures, canvassing votes or collecting funds for any purpose whatsoever without first obtaining official approval from the School.
  4. broadcasted/circulated any images or written material, whether by traditional print media, internet, WhatsApp, sms, mms, social media application or any other electronic/virtual means, that sullies the good name of the School and/or is in any way defamatory/libellous of the School, its management or staff or other students.
  5. Sub-section above shall also strictly apply to students, and where it is reasonable to suppose that students and/or parents have instigated others not directly connected to the School to do such acts, then these students/parents shall be held liable as if they had done the acts themselves.
  6. The School further reserves the right to request parents, guardians, relatives or associates of students to leave School premises immediately if it is found that such persons are acting or have acted in a manner detrimental to the School’s reputation or affecting normal School operations.
  7. Such persons as have been requested to leave the School premises, and who fail to do so, shall be deemed to be trespassing and the School reserves the right to take any action against such persons as permitted by law.
  8. The School further reserves the right to terminate the enrolment of students who themselves or whose parents, guardians, relatives or associates continue to engage in the activities described in sub-section 8.4 after receiving written and/or emailed warning from the School to stop such activities.
  9. Students who have their studies terminated under sub-section mentione above in viii shall not be entitled to a refund of their tuition fees or Advance Payment.
13 Publicity
13.1 By enrolling with the School, the Student, Parents, Guardians or Carers for the student, and the Fee Payer, consent to the reasonable use of the student’s details and academic achievements, including images or recordings of the student however made, for promotional purposes.
14 Entire Understanding
14.1 This Agreement embodies the entire understanding of the parties in respect of the matters contained or referred to in it and there are no promises, terms, conditions or obligations, oral or written, expressed or implied other than those contained in this Agreement.
15 Amendment
15.1 The School absolutely reserves the right to delete, alter, and amend any of the rules and regulations stated here or to make new rules and regulations without notice.
15.2 Any alterations or additions to these rules and regulations shall be immediately binding on parents/guardians and students on being circulated to the same.
15.3 Any changes to these rules and regulations shall be considered to have been circulated to all parents by a copy of the revised Rules and Regulations For Enrolment being posted on the website of the School or on any of the notice boards in and around the public areas of the School compound.
16 Reservation of Rights
16.1 The School reserves the following rights:
  1. To alter the content, nature and venue of the program at any time;
  2. To alter the details of any published information at any time;
  3. To alter method of payment if deemed necessary at any time; and
  4. To assign the whole or any part of the agreement between the person responsible for the fees and the School, to any person or body , at any time.
17 Parking & Vehicular Traffic
17.1 Parents and visitors driving through or parking in or around the School compound park strictly at their own risk.
17.2 Students whose family members, guardians or agents of the family (which shall include drivers, housemaids, taxi service providers, company employees and friends of the family) obstruct and/or slow traffic such that it causes a nuisance to other road users shall be liable to disciplinary action. Such action may include termination of enrolment for persistent offenders without refund of tuition fees and/or deposits at the School’s absolute discretion which shall be final and not subject to any appeal.
18 Breach of Rules and Regulations
18.1 The School absolutely reserves the right to terminate the enrollment of students who themselves or whose parents/guardians are in breach of these rules and regulations without refund of advance payment, tuition fees or compensation and such termination shall be final and not subject to any appeal.
19 Status “CUTI”
19.1 Students can take up to a month's break without re registering. Those who are inactive for more than one month have to re-register.
19.2 Once the class seat is given up, the management will enrol the student based on class availability.
19.3 All class placement will come into effect once payment is made.
20 Miscellaneous
20.1 The School shall not be liable for any loss suffered by the student resulting from any event that is beyond the reasonable control of the School.
20.2 The School shall not be liable for any error, omission or misstatement in the School website, literature or publications.
20.3 The School reserves the right without prior notice to make changes as deemed appropriate in regards to teaching staff, course offerings, curricula, academic policies, and/or other rules and regulations affecting students.
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